It’s no secret that lockdown has left most of us feeling defeated, lonely, and unconfident. With not much to do, it’s easy to get into a habit of wearing pajamas all day, eating takeaways, and letting self-care go down the drain.

But, it’s important to remember that there is life after lockdown, and one way to keep yourself motivated is to put plans in place to look forward to.

These fun activities are a great way to boost self-confidence after a year of negativity.

Make a collage

This one can be done at home during lockdown! You may not have seen your friends recently, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remember the good times. Use all your favorite pictures – of yourself and your friends – looking and feeling great and create a collage. Looking through old photos will instigate fun conversation between you and old besties, as well as helping you remember life before COVID-19 and the activities you can look forward to when this is all over.

Take up a feel-good hobby

While you might be restricted to baking banana bread or knitting right now, take a look at hobbies or classes available in your area for after lockdown. Finding a feel-good hobby is a great way to take time out of your week to just focus on yourself.

Pole dancing, for example, is a great hobby that will leave your body strong and healthy, while also making you feel sexy and free.

Have a photoshoot

On the topic of feeling sexy, why not step out of your comfort zone and book a luxurious photoshoot? If you’re getting married soon, a bridal boudoir shoot is a perfect way to feel good about your body before the big day. There are huge benefits to having a photoshoot just for yourself: even if you feel self-conscious to start, you’ll leave feeling confident and fabulous in your own skin, and you’ll have a lot of fun too.

Book a treatment

A facial or massage will really help to remove all that pandemic tension out of your muscles and leave you feeling refreshed and comfortable in your body. Whether you opt for a full body massage, a spa day, or even just getting your hair done, you deserve some ‘me-time’ and to feel beautiful.

Go shopping

If you’ve managed to save some money during lockdown, treat yourself to a shopping trip. While online shopping might be okay for a temporary fix, nothing beats going to town, trying on different outfits, and finding a perfect piece to take home. Then, you can head out for a lovely meal in your new attire with friends. It sounds like bliss.

While it’s hard to see the positives at the moment, it’s good to have things to look forward to. These five activities are perfect for boosting self-confidence and taking time out of your busy schedule to really focus on yourself and your happiness. Self-care is so important right now, so any way you can help yourself feel beautiful and valuable is definitely worth a try. See you on the other side!