I do love to give books to children for birthdays or Christmas. Personalised books are always extra special. Now my kids are a little older, 10 and 12 years old, the choice of personalised books have dwindled as they seem to be aimed more at younger kids. 

When I was asked to review a personalised children’s story book from Watadventure.com I was interested to see whether it would appeal to my older age group. I personalised and ordered one easily for my 10 year old daughter, with the hope that having her name and an avatar similar to her might encourage some reading and learning.

The book arrived quickly, I was really impressed with the quality, most personalised books are flimsy paperbacks and this was a large book with hardcover and pages printed from high quality paper stock. , and I was pleased to see the book was printed in the UK using sustainably forested paper. The book reminds me of an old school annual, remember them?! The front cover had “my daughter” as the star and her name as the title. 

The book tells two stories in an illustrated comic strip style within which the my daughter is the lead character. In the first story, her challenge is to save Slimetown and in the second is Planet B where she tackles saving the world! 


There are several pages which will come in useful for school projects with facts and figures about some of the key eco challenges facing the planet, from deforestation to climate change. The way its presented makes it entertaining rather then serious with references to poo, bogeys and the stinky things kids love, again think annual rather than encyclopedia. 

There is also several activities in the book, including an activity to encourage kids to make a mind diary focussing on how they are feeling throughout the course of a week. Raising self awareness and understanding of emotions and causes. Mental health is a really important area for children and this puts it into a fun age appropriate format.

This book ticks a lot of boxes, affordable, educational, personal, easily wrapped, doesn’t require batteries, doesn’t make a noise and doesn’t take up a lot of space – Wats not to love? – see what I did there?!

For more information or to create your own personalised book visit shop.watadventure.com

WatAdventure Personalised Book, RRP: £24.99