Life as a mum can be difficult, whether you have a newborn or a couple of rowdy teenagers. There may be many luxuries that you miss that you are now a mother, however, being a parent should not mean that you are unable to indulge. Instead, there are many little treats that you can give to yourself to keep you going through difficult times and ensure that you are able to look after yourself as well as the kids.

1.   Jazz Up Your Baths

Having a bath may be the only time that you allow yourself peace and quiet as a mum. You should make the best of this short time to yourself by investing in decadent bath products. Items such as bath bombs make your bath a little bit more indulgent and aesthetically pleasing, while some also have benefits such as skin repair.

2.   Make Time for Me-Time

The most important ingredient to a life of luxury is getting time to yourself, and this is important to new mothers to reduce stress and look after yourself. Take the evening off every once in a while by hiring a babysitter, and spend the time focusing on your own interests, even if this is simply cosying up under a blanket, or visiting a spa.

3.   Treat Yourself to Jewellery

Even if you spend your days slouching in casualwear, adding jewellery can make any ensemble feel fit for a princess. Rather than spending all of your hard-earned pennies on the kids, remember to indulge in yourself every once in a while, with companies such as offering a wide range of affordable fashion jewellery to adorn any outfit.

4.   Look After Yourself

Looking after yourself can be as luxurious as visiting a spa, and you should invest in self care practices, such as using high quality skincare products to help you to feel great even amid the chaos of daily life. Using a favourite perfume can also help to perk up difficult moments, ensuring that you are always surrounded by your favourite smells. You could also invest in self-care procedures to boost your confidence, such as specialist teeth whitening or a facial and a massage. 

5.   Invest in Quality Fabrics

Although you might head straight for comfortable clothes when looking after your mini me, choosing quality and soft fabrics can be the key to luxury. Fabrics such as velvets and velours are both flexible and opulent, allowing you to feel glamourous even if you are just running errands. Not only this, but using these fabrics around the house on cushions and throws can be the perfect solution for those cold, winter nights.

6.   Use Mood Lighting

To create the ambience for your home that you have always dreamed about, invest in mood lighting to help you achieve the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Whether you are curling up with a book or getting your kids ready for school, mood lighting can help you to feel calm and relaxed after a long day’s parenting.

7.   Buy Organic Groceries

‘We are what we eat’ as the phrase goes, and buying organic and high quality groceries can feel indulgent while helping you to stay healthy with the baby. Treat yourself by swapping cheddar for your favourite delicatessen cheese, consider buying fresh meats and vegetables, and what about that fancy cake you saw on the sale rack?

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