It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. They have turned their back for a second only to return to discover that their two-year-old toddler has created a ‘masterpiece’ on the wall of their rental home, or spilled strawberry juice all over the carpet. Many will agree that kids and rental properties just don’t mix! Unfortunately, there is often no getting away from it. So, how do you rent a home with children in tow without having to forfeit your rental deposit mere days after moving in? Here’s how to do damage control.

Child-proof the home

While you will obviously want to do this for their safety as well, child-proofing the entire home will go a long way in your efforts to protecting various vulnerable aspects, especially if the home that you are renting comes furnished. Place locks on all cabinets to prevent curious tots from getting to the porcelain cups and saucers, ensure that your study is always locked so that they cannot get their artistic little hands on any pens when you’re not looking, and keep a child gate at the foot of the stairs to make certain that they aren’t able to venture off to the bedrooms without your permission.

Be stain-savvy

No matter how careful you are, there are bound to be a few spills and stains that you will need to deal with while living on the property. In instances such as these, how quickly you act will determine on how easily you will be able to remove the stain. Therefore, do plenty of research on how to get rid of various types of stains as a preventative measure and ensure that you always have the recommended tools and ingredients close at hand. For example, rubbing alcohol will aid in getting ink stains off of the wall, whereas hairspray tends to help lift ink stains off of leather. Carpet shampoo is a must for persistent juice stains and warm water and baking soda will usually do the trick when it comes to mud.

Involve the kids in chores

Demonstrating to the kids just how important it is to keep the home clean and looked after, and getting them involved in this process, can help tremendously when it comes to limiting the number of playtime ‘accidents’ they have in the future. They will learn the value of looking after what does not belong to them. Maximise success by dishing out a small reward for every week that passes without incident.

Hire full-service cleaners

There is no getting away from the fact that kids are messy. They are supposed to be, after all! However, it is for this reason why so many tenants with children opt to hire the finest end of tenancy cleaners Bayswater has to offer. These cleaners will help to undo any damage done and aid you in getting your rental deposit back. They clean every aspect of the home, including those filthy carpets, so that you can relax in the knowledge that you will be leaving the home in (almost) as good as new condition. Your landlord is sure to be impressed!

So, try not to stress too much. With the right planning in place and the number for a reputable cleaning company on hand, your rental home shouldn’t be too worse for wear when it is eventually time to move out. No matter how messy your little ones can be!