The Beauty of Eczema is more than a book it is a bible of hope for anyone living with the often painful condition eczema. 

Camille Knowles, author of The Beauty Of Eczema, has been suffering from eczema since she was 6. At her worst, her entire body was covered in pustules and her face was so swollen, you could barely see her eyes.

Over the years, Camille tried everything to get rid of her eczema. She followed a strict diet that banned anything remotely suspected of triggering eczema. She endured painful salty baths in the Dead Sea. She plastered medicated creams and natural concoctions all over her skin.

But nothing worked. Not for long anyway.

No matter what she tried, her eczema would always flare up again, forcing Camille to hide at home so no one would see how bad her eczema got. She hated her life. She hated herself.

It’s only when Camille embarked on a journey of self-love that everything changed. Being motivated by love instead than fear, Camille discovered that a positive mindset, the love of supportive friends and a little pampering (plus the right skincare, of course!) are the best medicine for eczema.

The next step was to create a checklist for all the things an eczema sufferer needs to nip eczema in the bud. Every time it turns up again, all she needs to do is to go through it to figure out which part of the puzzle is out of sync. Bye, bye eczema.

Camille shares her long and emotional journey with this common skin condition in The Beauty Of Eczema. Part biography, part self-help and part skincare, the book shares Camille’s HOPE Principles and how you can use them to get control back over your skin and life.

Plus, the book is filled with delicious and healthy recipes that nourish your body without triggering another flareup, travel tips to manage the condition on-the-go and skincare tips that really work.

The best part? Positivity and happy vibes shine out of every page of the book and the e-book is only £1.99 on so you can download a copy for less than a latte! 

Download e-book here: The Beauty of Eczema: A Guide To Living a Life Beyond Eczema Using The Hope Principles 

The Beauty Of Eczema won’t just help you treat your eczema. It’ll help you reboot your mindset and thrive in life so you can achieve everything you want. If you want to know more about Camille and her HOPE programme, check out her website

The Beauty of Eczema