This raising a son
This raising a daughter
This being a mother
This being a parent
This being a wife
This being a friend
This being a working professional
This being a homemaker
This being a blogger
This life of mine
This is mostly done through gritted teeth

Every day I have the best of intentions but the effort put into creating joyful fun is exhausting and the results, well, mostly not that joyful.  So what’s going on?  Is it just me?  Is this Summer holiday fatigue?  Or a mid-life crisis?  Or UK life UK mid recession?  Or just life in the middle classes?  Or 21st Century life?  Is it just me or is everything shit?

The answer to date has not been found at the bottom of any of the many bottles of wine recently consumed nor at the bottom of any share bags of Galaxy Counters, which, for the record, I did not share.