You know what it’s like, a bit of sun comes out and suddenly all you can smell on the streets is every single house having a barbeque in their back garden, making the most of the glorious weather before it oh so quickly disappears again. If you’re thinking of having a few friends round, you might be conscious about making a great impression – you always want to be the host with the most – so you’ll be tempted to bring out the best dinnerware and cutlery. The downside to this is that with good weather, you’ll have excited kids running around and that’s a recipe for disaster when the expensive plates and bowls are out – find out how to have a risk-free BBQ with Corelle dinner sets below!

What are Corelle Dinner Sets

Corelle is one of the major dinnerware brands globally, with a reputation for elegant decorative designs and a tough, durable build that lasts for longer through the wear and tear of daily use. Originally designed for use in old TV screens, the 3 layer glass laminate called Vitrelle glass has been a popular household choice since the 1970s thanks to its adaptability and versatility that makes it break, chip, scratch, and stain-resistant whilst also being suitable for microwave, oven, fridge, freezer, and dishwashers. Despite this, the dinner sets are all very lightweight and stack incredibly easily – this saves space in your kitchen cupboards to free up space for your other utensils.

Decorative Style

Whatever your style, there’s a Corelle dinner set to suit you – whether it’s hosting events like a summer BBQ, or a sophisticated dinner party, you’ll be able to present your food in a way that really does justice to the time and effort spent chopping, preparing, and cooking the meal. For BBQ use, you might be best served with a more eclectic and vibrant dinner set, so one of the colourful options could be the ideal choice! There’s everything from bold prints to elegant embossed designs when it comes to Corelle, as well as lots of different colourways and patterns too – there are dinner sets for any situation and you don’t need to sacrifice style or quality.

In terms of shape, there’s a great variety there too; Corelle sets are available in square, round, and wide rim styles, with each looking great in their own unique setting. A contemporary dining room is the perfect place to try out a squared dinner set, with the crisp lines looking great in a modern décor, whilst wide-rim plates are more balanced and would be ideal for using outside at your BBQ where you’ll be walking around to collect food and might be eating off of your lap as opposed to on a table, so the risk of spills and slips is at a high.

Easy Clean-Up

As with any barbeque, the clean up can be a big pain, there’s cutlery, plates, and cups all over the place and nobody around to help you out the next morning – you’d like to be able to stick everything in the bin, but you know you can’t throw all of your cutlery and dinnerware away, so you turn to the dishwasher. Thankfully, your Corelle dinner sets are perfectly dishwasher safe so you won’t have to worry about sticking them in there to save yourself from having to scrub them clean one by one as you might with other plates.

With all these options, you’re sure to be able to find a dinner set that’s perfect for serving up the most incredible BBQ creations in your garden this summer, helping you to dazzle your guests with exquisite presentation as well as those tasty barbequed treats without the fear of an accidental drop or a spin in the dishwasher completely ruining your favourite dinnerware.