The extra space you have on the back of your property is space you can use in many different ways. If the space is big enough, you can have a beautiful garden with a swimming pool for the hotter days of summer. You can also have a functional patio in the back garden, perfect for family get-togethers and other functions.

The main challenge of designing a beautiful back garden and utilising the available space is keeping the space looking clean, tidy, yet functional. It is easy to fall into the trap of adding too much garden and patio furniture to the landscape, but these next few tips will help you keep the back garden clean and functional without a problem.

Choose Your Furniture Carefully

There are two aspects you have to consider when choosing furniture for the back garden: scale and practicality. Scale is important, because the scale of the furniture will greatly affect the way the back garden looks. Add furniture and other elements that are too big, and you will quickly have a tiny-looking garden, despite the actual size of the space.

Aside from scale, you also have to consider the practicality of the furniture you use. Are the chairs and table easy to clean? Will they withstand the excessive heat and other weather challenges without breaking?

For maximum practicality, you want furniture that you can store away when they are not in use. Items such as the Vonhaus foldable trestle table are great for the back garden. They are not only functional and durable, but also compact enough for most properties; you can store the foldable table away and have a beautiful garden on most days.

The Illusion of Size

You can actually design the back garden to appear bigger than it really is; some tricks and design tips produce that effect when implemented properly. Adding straight pathways instead of curvy ones, for example, will help maintain the illusion of size through the back garden.

Once again, scale is the factor to focus on here. You want the lawn area and the plants you add to the garden to scale well across the board. Keeping a consistent scale will turn even the most limited space into a spacious landscape once you are done with the design. Of course, you want to avoid adding too much furniture to the space, which is why the foldable furniture idea mentioned earlier is perfect.

Keep It Clean

The last tip to keep in mind is taking the time to keep the garden clean. A build-up of dead branches and leaves can ruin the look of the garden (for which you’ll need your gardening gloves, a bucket and a good leaf blower). The same can be said for rusty furniture, unorganised tools, and worn patio flooring. You could touch up furniture with a fresh lick of paint or send it to be scrapped, and a patio can be re-laid in a weekend or at least pressure-washed to give it a new sheen.

Keeping your garden pristine and looking beautiful doesn’t have to be complicated. With regular cleaning and some basic maintenance, you can maintain the space and have a functional back garden for every time you want to invite relatives or friends over. The tips we covered in this article are the ones to use if you want to have a beautiful, clean, and functional back garden without hassle.