We *big puffy heart* Micro Scooters at Lancaster Towers.  Lil H got his when he was about 2.5yrs old and Diva G has been desperate for one since she coud sit up having seen her big brother on his.  Thank you to Micro Scooters who sent our little Diva her own pink one.  Mr L is in charge of outdoor pursuits, although to be fair the majority of Diva’s scooting has been done indoors :-S so Mr L has the low down:

The world of Micro-scooters according to Mr L…

  • Have you seen my 3 year old son H on his micro-scooter and wondered what’s that rad  move he is pulling? Well he calls it the Flamingo and for those of you who haven’t seen, it involves wrapping one of your legs around the steering column so as to look like you have one leg (please don’t try this at home as I am pretty sure it doesn’t meet any Health and Saftey standards)
  • Why bother? Well my opinion is that a toddler can independently travel a longer distance than by just walking, not using less energy but just having more interest in getting from A to B.
  • How do you steer? Well its simple the front wheels slope together, the steering column is connected to the base so when you lean the steering column in either direction the wheels turn.
  • What age are they suitable for? As soon as they walk or as in Diva G’s case as before she could walk, basically she was obsessed with her brother’s scooter from the moment she could stand.  [The official line is from Age 3]
  • Should your child wear protection? Basically yes, a helmet is essential but I think that’s all you need. Kids are fairly robust and I feel that if you wrap them armour they just will not learn to put their hands out (you can’t wear armour your whole life)
  • How do they stop those things? There is a foot brake on the back wheel. H likes to get his scooter sideways by gaining as much speed as possible and stamping on the brake.
  • What happens if the 25year old oaf of a next door neighbour has a go on a scooter designed for 3 year old? It breaks. Don’t worry spares are easy to get and very easy to fit  http://www.micro-scooters.co.uk/category/good-ideas-spares/
  • What do you do if your kid gets too tired to continue? We have several different buggies and the scooter will hook over the handles all while your little one has a rest on the way home.

Diva G is scooter ready!

Micro scooters are available online direct at http://www.micro-scooters.co.uk/ and also at small, large and other online stores with prices starting from £49.95.  Tha Maxi Micro- Scooter is itable form Age 6-12 priced from £92.95. 

We love our micro-scooters, with a 2.5yr age gap it has helped Lil H give up the buggy.  So do your kids scoot?  Is it on a birthday, Christmas list?  Show Mr L some comment love and share your thoughts…