Although I am pretty confident that most nights and certainly across a week my children get enough sleep but I was interested to check how much sleep they “should” be getting. My best friend Google tells me my 8 year old and my 6 year old should be getting 10-11 hours a night.


Research from the Sleep Council suggests that children in the UK are not getting enough sleep, contributing to the rise of illnesses like obesity and a reduction in cognitive ability and learning. Making sure children have enough sleep is a top priority for any parent but often environmental factors can be difficult to control and are compounding the quality of children’s sleep.

Duette Energy Saving BlindsDuette® Blinds are an innovative window blind, which has a clever honeycomb design and special fabric coating, can help parents across the country to reduce noise levels, and control light and temperature in children’s bedrooms, achieving a more restful night’s sleep for children. Duette® Blinds are made with SmartCord or LiteCord operating systems, which remove the need for dangerous dangling cords.

The blinds are available in a Kaleidoscope of colours, so they are perfect for creating a peaceful and restful children’s bedroom.

Duette Blinds Kids Bedroom

Duette Energy Saving Blinds Nursery

Duette Energy Saving Blinds kids bedroom 3

Duette energy saving blinds yellow bedroom 3

Bad dreams, rooms being too light in the sumer or being cold are the top three reasons for my two ending up in my bed during the night so Duette® Blinds sound like an all round great idea and are on the 2016 home wish list.

Is that the same in your house? What about the sleep needs – do you agree with how much sleep children need by age? Let me know your thoughts.

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