Whatever the purpose of your work area is, you are probably not too eager to spend hours on end stuck at a desk where little to no encouragement can be found. Redecorating your work space can in fact be a fun challenge, and you will be surprised just how much a few simple changes can infuse you with inspiration and motivation.


Spacing and Layout

Firstly, you should organise your space to serve a practical purpose, but still provide you with enough comfort. From macro-organizing your office with proper desk, chair and storage placement, to micro-planning the designated place for each piece of paper, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this is an area of your home meant exclusively for doing business.

If you have a window in your office, it would be too much to turn the chair directly towards it, so try placing the desk and the chair by the window, to get the most light, while still keeping distractions at bay.

If you work with plenty of paperwork and need things within your reach, including an added pocket to serve as a color-coded filing system on the side of your desk can cut time when searching for what you need at any given moment. Organizing the drawers into compartments by using various containers can also make a difference in saving space. Also, it will reduce the time needed to find something as you will know exactly where everything is.

Image: west elm

Image: west elm

Light Up Your Office

People usually tend to pick the least interesting corner of their home to turn to their work area. But making it more appealing to your senses can actually help increase productivity.

First and foremost, if you don’t have a window, you need to make sure that you have enough artificial light sources to avoid headaches and compromising your vision. Use a desk lamp, and consider having other sources of light in your office to illuminate the room in the evenings. However, be mindful of how you position your lighting.

You can even explore your options of home decor online to find interesting lamps and other items that will spruce up the design of your room.

Consider the Colours

While vibrant colours can do wonders for a living room, red and yellow are not the ideal solutions for an office, simply because they can be very distracting, while opting for cool blue or violet can actually impede your focus and have a calming effect.

The right tones of green, and some neutral colours such as grey or ivory can be discrete enough to complement your work area, but you can still combine them with some lively colours, to add more energy and focus to your environment. Consider the right shades that will work well with your furniture and the rest of the room, as well as the amount of lighting you have at your disposal.

Equipment and Details

Avoid over-cluttering the space, and pick only the items that are essential for your work, such as the right desk, an ergonomic chair, a high-quality computer and other work-related gadgets. If you also need a phone, consider making it a separate line from the rest of your home, to always have an available line for your clients.

On the other hand, take your time when choosing those details that will keep you motivated and happy. Add a few framed photos of your closest family and perhaps a painting or a sculpture that you like, to personalise your space. Plants and flowers can also bring an entire room to life, and they can stimulate productivity.

Your home office might not be your favourite room with its existing design, but you can change that with these simple tips and turn it into a charming corner where you will gladly go back and strive for new endeavours.

This is a guest post contributed by interior design student Molly, who also writes at Smooth Decorator.