As the school holidays draw to a close there is the inevitable to do list of errands that the children don’t want to do. I am of course talking about the visit to the dentist, the trip to the school shoe shop and a visit to the hairdressers. I set aside one day to do the lot to make the most of the rest of the holidays, usually with the promise of tea out or cinema trip at the end.

We were recently invited to experience Little Big Heads children’s hair salon in Wilmslow and Lil H and Diva G duly reported for makeovers! Lil H is a fan of longer, surfer style hair and by the time the holidays were coming to an end H was sporting a bandana to be able to see out from behind his locks. Diva G has only ever had the ends trimmed, she used to have curls as a baby and we tried to keep them for as long as we could but those days are gone. Her hair is long, quite thin, it’s fine for putting in ponytail, bun, plait but left down to be honest it was frankly style free. We were ready for a proper cut. It was time for the shoulder length bob.

We arrived early, no problem the salon had a playroom with toys, a huge chalkboard and a TV for whilst we waited. The children both picked a DVD to view during their hair cut, they sat still and fully engrossed.  Hair cut and styled Diva G had some glitter spray as a finishing touch and Lil H some hair wax for added “cool”. I am delighted with both their hair cuts, what do you think?

Little Big Heads Review

So now I have hair salon envy! Why should the kids have all the fun? Why can’t I watch Netflix whilst I’m at the hairdressers? Now there’s an idea!

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