The youngest member of the family has started in reception and is being treated to free school dinners courtesy of the government. Lil H has gone into year 3 and is still a packed lunch kind of kid. But can you make a packed lunch for less than school dinners ? This week I decided to check as I honestly had no idea what his packed lunch cost. School dinners cost Β£2.10 I’ve costed up what I typically send Lil H to school with and I say you can.

Here’s what a typical lunch box for Lil H looks like and what it costs…

Lunchbox collage

  • Wrap with Dairylea & ham26p
  • Fromage frais37p
  • Fruit squeezy65p
  • Crisps21p
  • Twix finger18p
  • Panda Splash Sports Bottle 33p
  • Lunchbox totalΒ£2.00

So that’s how I make mine, how do you do yours? Can you create a lunchbox for even less? Tell me your lunch box secrets!

P.s. I haven’t received any products in relation to this post I wanted to check the cost of what I was putting in Lil H’s lunch box and that it was less than school dinners and thought I’d share it with my readers. Thanks for popping by & reading!