This week the almost 3 year old broke her nose. Who knew this was possible? I didn’t. A quick search on Google and Dr Google returned a resounding “No”. Google was wrong.

What happened? Diva G was in her bedroom with me and her grandmother, she climbed off my knew put a pair of my stilettos which she had earlier pinched out of my room and fell. At the same my mum had opened the bottom drawer of her wardrobe to get out new winter clothes and put away the summer stuff. Diva G face planted the edge of the drawer side. There was blood and tears but calpol & chocolate buttons sorted it out. We were all upset by it but didn’t think much more about it other than to feel guilty and sad at her swollen nose, the bruising and darkened / black eyes that developed over the following days.

On Thursday we were off to the doctors for some excema cream so in we went:

Me: Hi
GP: Hello, ooh that looks nasty…
Me: *blank face*
Thinking… how can he tell? I haven’t got her coat off & its under her arms?
Thinking… has she got excema on her face I haven’t noticed?

GP: Have we had a bit of a fall?
Me: *penny drops* Yeeeessss, on her nose, yes she tripped, I was there, one of those random split second, watch it happen things.
Oh crap completely forgot about the nose!
Yes she tripped as we opened a drawer but little ones cant break their nose, well according to google they can’t. Can they?
GP: Yes they can *pokes & presses* and I do think she has broken her nose so she really needs to see an ENT consultant just to make sure it’s all healing as it should be.
Me: Really? Really? Oh!
Well this is awkward. This isn’t even why we are here! When can I mention the excema?
GP: I’ll do her referral …
Me: I dish out the Bupa details as we bail into a consultants referral
Awkward, awkward, awkward! Need to get this excema cream!
GP: Right that’s all sorted
Me: Okay great … Erm she also has an excema flair up I’d like you to look at please.
The silence screamed “you didn’t come here about the nose did you?

No. No I did not!

So Diva G if you’re reading this in your “I hate my mother” teenage years with a crooked nose here’s some ammunition for you! That’s how it happened and I feel really bad about it. We are waiting for the swelling to go down and back to the ENT Consultant on Friday to see if anything corrective is required, I desperately hope not but as time goes by the bruising has got worse, so this weekend we are mostly staying indoors and keeping the, almost 3yo with two black eyes and a broken nose, away from the “bad parent glances”. This is the stuff that just happens, right?