This week was a milestone week at villa Lancaster, lil H returned to school starting in year 3 and Diva G started in reception. We did it. We survived the baby days. I’m citing the fact that all four of our household are still alive as evidence that deep done inside me there is in fact a person with patience and tolerance!

Lil H is now in the juniors, no polo shirt, no book bag for him. Doesn’t he look super smart in his shirt and tie and with a super cool Penny skateboard ruck sack? Finding a great rucksack has been a mission this summer.


Diva G definitely had some first day nerves with her treating us to a few broken nights sleep in the run up to her first day. Although G denied vehemently that she was worried about starting school, instead she said her concerns were about her preschool key worker and how they would get on without her. Bless. The solution in G’s mind was for her to go back to preschool just for a few weeks! But according to her she absolutely, definitely was not worried about starting school! She was thrilled to put her uniform on. I have discovered I dislike girls school uniform, it is so much more complicated than boys – skirts, pinafores, summer dresses vs boys trousers or shorts! Here’s little miss gorgeous on her first day.


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