Snow returned to our fair isle this week – whether that’s a good or bad thing I’ll leave up to you!
Forget grumbling about frozen feet and nippy noses, because snow and cold weather gives us an excuse to get cosy in the comfort of our living rooms with a strong drink and some rubbish telly for company.

Our guide is here to show you how to re-style your lounge in order to make it as snug as possible!

cosy living room

Photo credit: Stefan Andrej Shambora

This is a quick-fire way to make sure your space is comfortable as possible: scatter them about the room so you can lie on the floor without feeling the floorboards underneath– this can be better for you than lying across your sofa, because your back is perfectly straight.

If there’s a lot of you in the house, cushions allow everyone to sit comfortably, even if there is no room on the couch for everyone. That way, you’re less likely to have people arguing about who gets to sit where – letting you watch the telly in peace or read the next chapter of your book without any little ones whining in your ear!

The evenings are still drawing in very early, so why not buy some heavy duty panel blinds to shut out the darkness as much as possible? An eye-catching pattern will add a dash of style to the room, and will catch any visitor’s eye!

There’s no better feeling than slowly pulling the cord on your blind and watching the miserable weather outside disappear before your very eyes.

You’ll also get that little bit more privacy – it’s hard to dance along to your new Zumba fitness video when you know the Joneses from number 63 can see you busting every move!

Sometimes, lamps just aren’t good enough to create a cosy and calming atmosphere. When you start to get bored of your lamps, light a few scented candles around the room: this makes a nice change from artificial light, and will save you some money on the electricity bill at the end of the month!

Putting them in a shade or holder will transform your plain old candles into little works of art that will raise a smile when you walk into the room after a long day at work.


Photo credit: Jo H

Summer isn’t really footstool weather – they only seem to make sense in winter when you need to rest your feet when they feel like a couple of Antarctic ice blocks! Buy a couple of fuzzy ones covered in felt, so you can stretch out at a moment’s notice!

Throws are a brilliant way to accessorise your sofas. Buy some with a few different designs and lay them across your couches to give them a completely new look.

They’re also handy if you need to leave the sanctuary of your lounge to nip into the kitchen for yet another bag of M&Ms. You’ll feel like a hunter gatherer wrapped in sabre-tooth tiger fur as you forage in the cupboard for some more tasty treats.

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to making your living room cosier. Hopefully it’ll keep the big freeze at bay!

This has been a guest post by home furnishing expert James Archer on behalf of Gallery Blinds.