Washing the dishes is one of the simplest domestic chores you can ever come across, in fact, it was one of the first chores my kids learned. Still though, this doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the most annoying and time-consuming chores of all, especially if you have a larger family. This undeniably proves my point that whoever invented the dishwasher deserves a medal. The dishwasher is definitely one of the most useful assets a housewife can have and for this reason it is important that this technology improves. And it has!

Nowadays you won’t see the large, noisy dishwashers of the past, that took ages to complete a cycle. All of them are replaced by inbuilt, aesthetic and quiet dishwashing machines that exceed greatly the properties and functions of their ancestors. At present they are designed to perform better, look better, be more versatile and most of all to save us time, money, space and headaches. Here are just some of the advances in the dishwashing technology that you might find intriguing.

1. Super-capacity. Contemporary dishwashers have 14 five-piece settings at once. This makes them perfect for large families or for the time when you have a parties, l family gatherings, or just a messy cooking session.

2. Shorter cycles, better results. Nowadays, there is an increasing concern for the environment and for this reason a lot of the dishwashers perform shorter energy-efficient cycles, without compromising the quality of the washing. Forget about pre-rinsing, as well as the particles on the dishes. Once loaded, your dishes will be ready before you know it.

3. Removable racks and adjustable shelves. It is really annoying when you have to arrange the dishwasher to accommodate a full sink of dishes, but a few pieces never fit. This is usually because the few large pieces you have, take a lot of space on the shelves and you can’t use the space effectively. What I often do in this case, is simply take a few pieces out and leave them for next time, or wash them by hand. With this new advance though, you will save a significant amount of time, as you will often manage to use every inch and fit all your dirty dishes.

4. Enjoy your peace of mind. Now that you can actually hear yourself think, what is it that you would like to do? You can now read a book, take a nap or exercise in a more relaxing atmosphere thanks to the high-tech sound reducing motors, that modern dishwashers are equipped with.

I don’t know what you think, but all these make me wonder what more there is to come and I am already excited to find out!