It is 2013.  In December I will reach “that” birthday.  You know the one where my age will no longer start with a 3 but a 4 *gulp* how did that happen?  I started thinking about this milestone last year, 39 was creeping towards me and I am still carrying a two stone of baby weight for Diva G as well as the very hard to shift last stone to goal. Lets face it three stone isn’t going anywhere either quickly or without effort so this year I have taken action and I am dedicating this year to “sorting it out” and also once and for all.

I know I need to move more but I hate exercise and don’t ever feel I have found one I enjoy.  I know I need to eat less / differently but I feel quite bamboozled by three decades of dieting and different diet regimes, weight watchers, Atkins, GI, Hay diet, 5:2, slimming world – combine them all together and you can eat everything and everything and guess what that doesn’t work!

I’ve had a good start, I have lost 10lbs so far this year being careful about what I eat, not having a single drop of alcohol in January has most definitely helped.  I have also starting running, no that isn’t a euphemism actual factual putting running shoes on, going out my front door and running following the “Couch to 5k” C25K programme on my phone.  I was someone who couldn’t run to the end of the road without their lungs trying to leave through their throat to someone who can run for more than 30 minutes and only walking a couple of times.  I’ve been pounding the pavements at least three times a week, five times this week (personal best effort!) and whilst I don’t find it easy, I do enjoy the time on my own and the feeling I get afterwards.  A good start but it isn’t going to be enough to drop three stone nor is it giving me a diet approach for life. Luckily I know a man who does and having proved I can knock the leisurely, almost unconscious drinking and eating on the head for the last five weeks and create time to regularly exercise I am now embarking on a personal training academy with personal training coach Greg Johnson here is the new face of my motivation!


I am one of a small group of ladies meeting up twice a week for a group training workout program which is specifically designed for females to blitz body fat, tone up, increase confidence, boost energy, repeat after me “the summer body is earned in the winter”!  The programme runs monthly and starts tomorrow night with free taster sessions tomorrow night Monday 4th February 6:30pm and Wednesday 6th February at 6pm at Wilmslow High School. If you fancy joining the group connect with Greg Johnson on Facebook or email Greg, for more details.

It’s not just exercise and working out, it’s the whole approach to nutrition and life style that Greg shares that delivers great results to his clients. I have Greg’s cookbook which I can already see will become a bible for mealtime inspiration, have been to supermarket, I even went for a run tonight and am ready to continue what I have started.  I want to think differently, learn new things and feel better. I am genuinely excited, I am going to meet some new people, new friends I’ve not yet met. I need to a new tribe in my world, I have many great pals in life but none who are on the same weight loss and fitness journey and being with people with similar goals will help me and I hope I will be able to support and help them too. My fitness and weight loss is my priority this year and I will be blogging how I get on as I start at PT Academy tomorrow. Wish me luck!