I have Sian and Tara before her, to blame thank for this meme. I haven’t done a meme for, erm I can’t even remember. This meme is your child’s portrait of you and it started back in 2009 when my guys were too little but now Lil’ H and Diva G are older and we are able to play!

I thought the results would be interesting, can I just say my children are more academic than artistic! So first up here’s me, amoeba like and mostly head by Diva G.


Now brace yourself. For here is me as drawn by Lil’ H aged 5.5yrs. Just for the record I do not have a cock & balls on my head those are sun glasses and I am also painfully aware of the similarity between me and Sloth “Hey you guys” from the Goonies!

So as is traditional I am tagging Aimee, Kate, Cathy, Tina & Kate and if you want to be humiliated by illustration feel free to consider yourself tagged!