If you Tweet you will probably know what #FF or #FollowFriday, here’s a quick explanation though for those that don’t… its very simply a ritual on a Friday of recommending people you follow on Twitter to others by tagging your tweet with #FF or #FollowFriday.  I am flattered, she says blushing as I type to be recommended by others and reciprocate the recommendations but sometimes find it tough to do in 140 characters and end up tweeting a list of user names.  So today, inspired by an approach I saw somewhere else (tweet me if it was yours & I’ll credit you!) I am listing ten of my twitter buddies, in no particular order and in an unrestricted character format explaining why I follow them!

@Tums2Mums – HypnoBirthing guru, invaluable support & super mum to Evan!
@dougggie – She’s doing the Dogs Trust Arctic Dog Sledding Challenge 2010
@clareybabble – fab, true, honest, mummy blogger
@violetposy – lovely lady who is embracing Halloween & working hard for her family
@omgmummy – very cool, funny first time mum
@porridgebrain – kind & helpful & caring, following her dreams & inspiring others
@loveitloveit – because like me she appreciates phrases like “knob all”!!!
@sarahwalters99 – lovely lady, Dandelion Lounge advocate & best RT-er!
@Soph4Soph – super cool kids designer, very funny chick.
@dulwichmum – because her caustic humour never fails to bring a smile to my face