Things continue to develop with the house, we’re in no rush & my view is you can never do enough planning. We have decided on Plan A, that’s the one for us.

We are very excited about the ground floor, it is spot on for us.  I can see the space working well for us and our children as they become young adults – the average age for leaving home in the UK is now 31.8 years old.  I repeat 31.8 years old!  Best not to think too long on that one so moving on … we’d probably look to do the door between the playroom and the dining space a sliding door / wall but that’s a minor installation point really.  Ground floor we’re done – tick!

Upstairs we also really like, but we feel we have one too many bathrooms.  I mean they don’t clean themselves do they?!  So whilst keeping all the permanent residents at Villa Lancaster with ensuites we’d like to create a larger master bedroom suite and look at “Jack & Jill” options for the family bathroom & spare room.  Something along these, very roughly amended by hand, lines:

The North West’s finest architectural talent at Innex Design is re-looking at the first floor to make the whole of the new built area our master bedroom & en suite allowing for a bath in the en suite.  Looking at whether / how to make Lil H’s en-suite a jack & jill to the landing which ticks the family bathroom suite box.  Also to look at whether it would be possible to make Diva G’s en suite jack & jill to the spare bedroom.

One element we really like about the first floor of Plan A is that our current bedroom becomes Diva G’s and could be pretty much a stand alone project.  This excites me as we could possibly do this whilst still saving up for the big main build.  I need this.  I need to have a room in this house I like because at the moment there isn’t one!  Not even half of one!  Whilst our house is very liveable and full of potential it remains not my taste, a bit shabby and whilst we have done some make-do-make-overs twelve months on I am finding my domestic surroundings quite frankly depressing!  I need to remind myself how much we have done here already to boost my ante-project-blues so will make an effort to post our projects so far and stay focussed on the long game.

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