We are partied out Chez Lancaster. Sadly not in the champagne, cocktail, high heeled kind of way. More your sausage roll, cheese & pineapple hedgehog kind of way!

Lil H turned 4 years old on Monday yep the big 0 4. Celebrations commenced the day before with grand parents, then on the day our family and more grand parents. Then I hosted a party for my, sorry H’s, NCT pals (can he have NCT pals?!) followed by one for a few of his pre-school pals.

I’m a traditional birthday party mummy, he’s 4 after all – musical bumps, statues, pass the parcel, seeing as it was Easter we had some chick & egg hunting too. There’s something I don’t do though. Something I can’t stand. Unfortunately for my kids they love this thing. I bet your kids, if not all kids, love them. I’m talking about Party Bags and I *big fat black cloud & cross face* hate them! I can stand them.

Party bags. Little bags of junk. Little bags of useless tut. Little bags that make mess and require parental input to use / fix toys. They can end up costing lot of money and certainly take lots of time to put together.

This year our party goers had an Easter egg & a cute mini gift balloon, Hello Kitty for girls, toy story for boys and a windmill for the babies. Previously we did chocolate lollies with each Child’s name piped on (we got ours from our local favourite Simon Dunn).

So what’s your thoughts – party bags? Love em or hate em?