I’ve just returned from a fantastic fortnight in Cornwall.  We drove there and back with 5 year old Lil H and 2.5 year old Diva G.  The journey there was tough, Saturday after the schools broke up and at 7am the M6 looked like it does at 6pm on a Friday night and it took just over seven hours to get down there. Coming back and setting off later saw us arriving home in four and a half hours.  Having racked up over 11 hours in the car with two little people in the back seat I would like a medal please!  Never fear I rewarded myself (handsomely!) with wine!

We were laden with snacks and in car entertainment including The Land of Sometimes CD to listen to in the car.  The Land of Sometimes is an audio story and anything that isn’t a screen lulling my two into a viewing coma between Cheshire and Cornwall is worth a try in my book.

The Land of Sometimes turned out to be an absolute delight.  It’s the tale of twins Elise and Alfie on a magical journey through The Land of Sometimes where they and you meet an eclectic bunch of characters each with their own original tune and song.  The River Slouch Sling is Lil H’s favourite and it came as no surprise that Diva G adores Little Twink, a mischievous and PINK little fairy and the Willow Tree Choir Boy captured both their imaginations.

The Land of Sometimes

During our long car journeys the children have the options of watching DVD’s, playing on an iPad or iPhone or Nintendo DS so the competition was high for this CD.  They loved the CD and listened to it repeatedly.  They only watched one movie but this was driven by Mr L’s requirement to listen to the Olympics on the radio!  The game consoles went unplayed with and since we have returned home Diva G listens to the CD in her bedroom at bedtime.

We love it a lot.  It would make a great gift and is on my “to give list” for birthdays and Christmas.  You can buy The Land of Sometimes CD which comes with a beautifully illustrated booklet online at  http://www.thelandofsometimes.com 

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