Has your child’s car seat ever ripped their clothes?

Mine has.  To date my Maxi Cosi Priori fix has claimed a coat of Lil H’s when he used the seat, the total of Diva G’s garments claimed as victims rose to four today.  Gutted doesn’t come close to how I felt when I lifted my 2yo daughter out of the car for a special event we attended this evening to hear a horrid ripping sound.  First time on in her Molo Poppy Dress and its ruined and beyond repair *.

I tweeted my frustration, and discovered I am not alone in my experience of wardrobe consuming car seat owners and we all appear to think it only happens to us…

Frustrated Car Seat Owner Tweets

Hmm, perhaps this isn’t user error after all, surely all parents are under pressure, getting kids in and out of cars is always a nightmare often stressful.  Surely the design should accommodate for that.  I don’t expect my kids car seat to destroy the clothes my children are wearing – that is their job!  So what is a mini fashionista to travel in these days?  I can’t afford to put my daughter in any extra ripping risk, she’s pretty good at that herself to be honest.

On Monday I will be making endeavours to contact Maxi Cosi to get their feedback on this.  Its far from an isolated case in this household but we are a household sample of one.  Although I gather from twitter I am not alone.  So, can you help and share this post?

Has your child’s car seat ever ripped their clothes?  If it has I’d like to know, raise your hand and leave me a comment below, and feel free to include the make and model.

* Luckily the lovely Abby from Juicy Tots had one in G’s size so I have a replacement on its way and this is why I had to have a replacement … I think my Diva G looks just gorgeous in it

Diva G Rocks Molo Poppy