Nurofen for Children is my best friend and Baby G’s best friend right now.  My poor little girlie has been having frankly a torrid time teething, combined with the MMR and a development spurt to being able to pull herself up we have had very little sleep and a lot of tears.  I picked up some extra syringes at The Baby Show in October and there is one in almost every room in the house now.  The Nurofen PR sent me a carry case for my the children’s bottle and my goodness it has been useful! 

Before I had children I didn’t have a first aid kit.  Of course I had headache tablets in my handbag for hangovers, natch!  Now I have a cupboard resembling a miniature Boots and with the Winter approaching, sniffles, coughs and cold imminent I am reviewing its contents … Calpol, Nurofen, plasters (huge variety of), arnica cream – check!  I am wondering what everyone else has in their armoury, what are your first aid and winter wellness essentials?