This year I am going to try to focus on the simple pleasures in life.  As and when I spy them I plan to blog them as a reminder to myself as much as anything, but hopefully it will spark a smile amongst those passing through to read.

Today I drove to my parents to drop my mums birthday cards off as they return from hols tonight.  Just a 30 minutes round trip.  But I was solo in the car.  No nursery rhymes, no crying baby, no toddler chat, no time pressure.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed driving like this.  Especially with my choice of music on, and on LOUD!  So today for 30 minutes I got to be Lily Allen!  For me, a mum of two, aged 36 this was my simple pleasure.

When I returned home, Baby G was sleeping, toddler H and I set to de-Christmassing the house.  H helped by taking everything he could reach off the tree – something he has been desperate to do since the tree went up at the beginning of December!  I lugged the dry, perma-bent branches of the tree out through the french doors and lobbed it into the back garden – from here it is a “blue job” for Mr L!  H was squealing and clapping – its rare for any Mummy to get some much as a “thank you” let alone a round of applause for her efforts. I turned, taking a bow, to hear “I’m paddling, I’m splashing, I’m paddling” this was how I discovered there was still water in the stand the Christmas tree was in as toddler H reenacted “Singing in the Rain” from the french doors, through the conservatory and into my living room from where the tree had originated!  For toddler H, aged 2.5 years old moments like these just rock, this was his simple pleasure & I managed to restrain the urge to clean it all up straight away and let him have 5 minutes splashing in the living room. 

Note to self:  It all mops up at the end of the day & when it doesn’t matter when it mops up, go with it!