A big Thank You to Galt Toys for donating some of their fabulous toys, games, puzzles and kits for Lil H’s school fund raiser*.  As a Cheshire girl I used to go to Galt Toy Shop which had a big play centre in it as a child, we are going back *cough* a few years here!  I played with Galt Toys and I love the fact that my children love playing with Galt Toys too.  Here are some of our favourites.

Galt-toys-pop-up-toyFrom being about 1 year old Diva G has loved this Pop Up toy, there has not been a child visit our home who hasn’t played with it either! 

Galt-toys-paper-planesLil H was given these Paper Planes for his 4th Birthday.  We love them.  We take them on holiday, easy to pack, hours of fun and great to share.  They are my number one favourite birthday party gift for Lil H’s buddies I always have a few in my present box.

Galt-toys-first-colouring-padDrawing, painting, colouring, stickers are all mega popular with my little Diva.  In a morning when Lil H is doing his phonics and writing practise she sits colouring and drawing on this first colouring pad.  Lovely clear outlines and great quality paper so there is no “show through” from one page to the other.  This mum enjoys a bit of colouring in and I can’t wait for my 2 year old budding artist to stay within the lines! 

Galt-toys-jungle-feely-puzzleGalt Toys Jungle feely floor puzzle Lil H’s most popular puzzle, there pieces create templates to add the scaly, furry, fluffy animals, 24 large pieces it is this jigsaw that captured Lil H’s attention to really give Jigsaws a go.

Also in my present box for the little girls in Lil H’s life are Galt Toys Sparkle Puzzles and I love Galts kits for older girls check out the Girl Club on their website, craft, fashion, stationery and puzzle gifts perfect for other 8+ young ladies like my God daughters! 

You can buy Galt Toys online http://www.galttoys.com/
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* In exchange for the donation I offered an ad on my site which ran over the last three months.  I wanted to also write this post as a further thank you to Galt Toys for their support, the event raised enough to fund some great new outdoor play equipment for the children.