The bedroom in our new house is VERY 1980’s with fitted wardobes, cupboards over the bed but no bedside cabinet/shelf/table thingys.  Add our Super King Sized bed  and ours from Lancaster Towers don’t fit.  The has resulted in a growing stash of books, magazines, chargers, alarm clocks and glasses of dusty water on either side of the bed.  Glasses of water are a great idea when you are going to bed but when you add small children to them in the morning they are a terribly bad idea.

To be honest I wasn’t that fussed by it, on the list of things to do at Villa Lancaster it was low, like page 2-3, but Mr L decided to “make something” and a jolly good job he’s done too!  Off he popped into his new, his first and most favourite place in the entire house, his garage.  Returning and installing these two child-proof, glass-of-water-protecting bedside shelves.


What do you think?  I was impressed?  Then I looked down – I was less impressed!


Luckily I had the  Dirt Devil Handheld vacuum given to us at The Lowry on our Dirty Stinky Day.  We have been putting it through its paces and Mr L initial declaration that it was “a nifty bit of kit” still stands.  I put it through the mammouth challenge of removing two weeks of beach from the car – it met that challenge with brushes, suction and passed the test.  The car is now a mess again but that is a reflection on my family and not the Dirt Devil Handheld vacuum.  I regularly use it after meal times mostly around Baby G’s Tripp Trapp and the wake my husband leaves from his lightbulb moments of genius!

We like the convenience of the Dirt Devil Handheld vacuum, its affordable price at £59.99, its rechargaeable, wall mounted and ready to go.  On the downside we found got a bit blocked up when we used on new carpets – its brushes are very good so to be fair I would say probably user error there!

Anyway – back to the bedside shelves – what do you think?