Flowers make me happy. Very rarely are there no flowers in my home. Flowers make me even happier when I am given them rather than picking them up myself in the supermarket! Receiving flowers makes me feel special, appreciated, loved, cared for, how does it make you feel? With Valentine flowers and then Mother’s day flowers on the shopping list for many in just a matter of weeks time.

Getting flowers to loved ones across the miles is all about the right supplier, Serenata Flowers aren’t new they’ve been delivering uk flowers since 2003 so when they asked if I’d like to review one of their bouquets of course I said “yes please”!

I send flowers but don’t often get to see the delivered flowers so I’m never too sure of the quality of flowers that are actually received. How long they last is also very important. Serenata Flowers arrived very well protected in a clearly marked “which way up” box fully nourished with a reserve of water & feed on their stems. The stems are beautiful and long, plenty to give them a good 3cm cut and them still be lovely, long & elegant. I really loved how they had been sent mindful of the fact they were being sent, the roses had some of the outer guard petals left on keeping their blooms safe. The instructions made me smile speaking about my roses as my new house guests – allow them to put their bags down and get ride of any excess baggage – I peeled off the few outer guard petals that were a little rugged and had the benefit of the blooms for the last 10 days and counting.

Thank you Serenata Flowers for the beautiful bouquet of white roses I have been thoroughly enjoying them – gorgeous aren’t they?


Flower colours all relate to emotions and moods and have meanings. I chose white flowers because my wedding bouquet was white roses officially it is a symbol of peace and purity, perfect for a wedding and they have certainly brought some peace to my living room.

What are your favourite flowers and which will you be sending or hoping to receive from Serenata Flowers in 2012?

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