Ten years ago I was 26 years old.  I was single.  I was in London.  I had been celebrating my birthday for a week already and had more than two more weeks of Christmas parties to go! 

Today I am 36 years old.  I am married with a toddler and a 8 week old baby.  I am tired!

I am very much looking forward to my girls night out on Friday with two very special appearances from two great mates all the way from London and Egypt – let the good times roll!  For just a few hours we will pretend it is 10 years ago, quaff cocktails, totter in high heels, play dares and keep an eye out for good looking men, perhaps even flirt with some!

So if like me you are a Saggitarius and are celebrating your arrival in this world round about the same time as me let me wish you a Very Happy Birthday because I know having a birthday in December sucks!  Mr L’s is right at the beginning of January and these are RUBBISH times to have a birthday because …

  1. Everyone’s too busy, even those people who are never busy!
  2. Everyone’s skint
  3. Everywhere is packed with Christmas Do’s
  4. Everywhere has Christmas set menus
  5. The weather’s always terrible
  6. You can never get a cab home
  7. You get COMBINED presents
  8. Your birthday gifts get wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper
  9. If your birthday is after Christmas you get unwanted gifts passed on
  10. If during holiday fortnight you never get to have a party with school mates
  11. You are given Christmas decorations as gifts (addition by @StefanieHopkins)

For all the above reasons I have celebrated my birthday on the Saturday of the second bank holiday in May for the last six years and this year is no different and I am rainchecking turning this birthday until May 2010!