Lil H started primary school a fortnight ago.  He’s my first child which makes me  first time primary school mum.  A fortnight on and here’s what I know.

The weeks of thoughts, anticipation and tears (mine) of my first child’s first day at primary school are all worse than the reality.

Settling in half days are a nightmare to manage for everyone involved, a week is more than enough.  Two weeks is a shocker!

There is a right and wrong way into the class room and cloakroom – it won’t be obvious as both feel like a salmon swimming upstream.

What my child’s coat looks like matters not, it’s whether he can do it up by themselves and take it off without it going inside out that counts.

Your coat is your number one fashion item, its the only thing other parents on the school run see.  I need to an alternative to my North Face and quick!

No matter how friendly I am towards other parents some people are just not be friendly at all.  This is their loss, a shame for their children and is of no relevance to me or my child.

Parents with older siblings already at the school mostly have no interest in anything to do with first time reception parents.  See above point.

I am expected to order most things through the school so they get a commission – naming labels, books etc.

I must remember to not just label clothes, label EVERYTHING including drink bottles, lunch bags, lunch boxes – we are one lunch box down already!

My Lil H aged 4 needs a dedicated PA to manage the correspondence with school.  In the absence of funding this additional workload falls to yours truly.

Parentmail will fill the quietest of inboxes a daily flurry of notifications, requests and dates.

I need a babysitter that is not my mum.

How’s it been for you?

What have you learnt at the school gate so far this September?