When Glo Family opened it’s doors last Summer I took Baby G and Lil H to put it through it’s paces. We’ve been back a few times since and it has always been a delightful reprieve from the typical soft play centres. So when Glo got in touch to invite us to it try out their new Sunday lunch service on them we were there without hesitation.

I’ve always enjoyed coffee & some very yummy cakes there, I’ve heard the food was great but not tried it myself and Mr L had never been so it would be a new reason to visit Glo Family. We do go out for meals as a family, I think it’s important to get little people used to the experience, but being honest it can *cough* often, be an endurance test. The kids often don’t eat much of what we’ve paid for – feels like I may as well burn tenners outside! They don’t want to sit still for long, patiences get tested and after hissed behaviour requests to sit still, eat up, stop IT – IT being numerous things – we have been known to leave restaurants vowing “we are never doing this again”. Our Sunday lunch at Glo was very different.

I guess Glo Family classes as a play centre, but that name does it an injustice, I think its more of a private members club for families. The environment is gorgeous check out the Glo website and see for yourself. When we arrived the smalls were straight off to the pirate ship – H had dippy egg, G had fishcakes and sweet potatoe wedges, Mr L had mushrooms on brioche followed by pork and I had soup followed by turkey.

When the smalls had finished eating they returned to playing, G rocked out on a rocking snail and H joined a mini craft session and made a spider. Mr L and I adjourned to the sofas to read the Sunday papers – repeat – we read the Sunday papers! Had it not been January we could have done this in the garden. Never have we eaten a restaurant quality meal in a play focused environment – I don’t know anywhere else like Glo. Extremely good value for money at £7.95 for one course and £9.95 for two courses – the soup was great but the mushrooms on brioche was amazing and it was a dead tie of deliciousness between the pork and turkey.

If you fancy a family chillax somewhere that isn’t a vacuous primary coloured warehouse on an industrial estate where the only food on offer comes with chips. If you fancy a Sunday lunch where you leave looking forward to coming back not vowing never to do lunch out as a family again. Give Glo Family a call and see for yourself that there is an alternative. Sunday lunch is new at Glo but I guarantee the word will spread so get your weekend reservation made sooner rather than later and they are serving this Sunday 6th February 2011 from midday.

If you’ve not been – Glo! See what I did there?!

We liked it SO much that we are privately hiring Glo as the venue for our children’s naming day in June.