I’m wondering this at the moment. We bought the house two weeks ago, decorated Lil H and Diva G’s bedrooms, set up the playroom, stripped the bathroom wallpaper, moved in five days later and finished the last of the unpacking. We’re in, our things are in, we’ve done the ikea run, we’ve had friends round, we live here.

The house is great, it’s all the potential and more we saw but we have no real places where things live, there are places where things have been put but that’s just an output of unpacking. We have no memories here, have had no birthdays, celebrations, no little traditions. When I think about our wedding, being pregnant, my children being tiny newborn babies, their first steps, our Christmas tree, the pile of H and G’s birthday presents waiting for them to get up and be super excited, BBQ’s and sharing jokes with old friends all this is at the old place. We’ll create all new memories, as good and better memories from this address but right now I’m living in our house, our project and its not yet our home.

Could it be because I don’t have any broadband until 20th August? I literally feel like I have had a limb cut off, I promise I will be uploading and sharing piccies of everything we’ve done just as soon as we’re back online. I think we need to put our pictures up on the walls, maybe have a housewarming? What do you think, when did your house become become your home and is there anything I can do to help me connect, connect in a non-Internet way?! Love to hear your thoughts on this?