It isn’t just Fireman Sam who’s has a CGI makeover, the prancing dancing mouse Angelina Ballerina has too!

With Lil H’s Fireman Sam DVD Hit Entertainment included Angelina Ballerina’s latest new release Pop Star Girls.  This is new territory for me Baby G is only 17 months old and Lil H calls the viewing shots at Lancaster Towers so I recruited some of H’s BFF’s to let me know what they thought of the 60 minutes of poptastic viewing.

What can I say?  Girls are born to twirl and there was a lot of twirling and whirling around the room going on.  A lot of toe-pointing and toe-tapping throughout the five episodes.

Set in the Camembert Academy (LOL!  This was news to me too!) Angelina and her friends dance and learn to work together as a team and Angelina realises there there is more to life than just ballet when she falls in love with Hip Hop, Rock Bands, Fiddles and more! 

The room of girlie viewers from 17 months to 5 year olds were on the move and groove and I was surprised Baby G enjoyed it.  Lil H retired to his bedroom declaring “let me know when its finished” – definately one for the girls! 

Pop Star Girls DVD is released on Monday 21st March 2011, certificate U, contains 5 episodes runs for 60 minutes and is available from where it is available for just £8.99 (RRP £12.99)