I’ve been sporting a new look for the last month or so, people have noticed, they’ve commented too.  What’s new?  My bag that’s what!  Before the lovely lady at Pacapod got in touch to see if I’d like to try their innovative changing bag I have been touting about with a now four year old changing bag.  It was lovely when I first got it from Oilily but it really has seen better days.  So a new Pacapod bag for me – have a read and tell me your thoughts on changing bags.  So without further ado allow me to introduce you …

The leather Pacapod Coromandel in tan – it’s pretty fabulous, yes?  Wait til you see inside… allow me, unzip the back and … voila … the best bit in my opinion …  

Two pods – the orange one is a feeding pod and the beige a changing pod – feeling organised already?  I am someone who’s baby has needed the spare change of clothes, unfortunately after the sippy cup has leaked all over them.  A pod for feeding and a pod for changing – loving this a lot.  Then I discovered you could love it more … look …

 Its a mini rucksack for small people to carry their own snacks.  I *BIG puffy heart* LOVE this!  I have two little people to feed on the go and I’ve done a full day out with the two of them and I can fit lunch and snacks in for them both. 

Baby G is a bit little to carry her own, at 18 months it might be just a bit mean to start her on a Sherpa career given she’s only just walking.  But Lil H, well he’s 4 now, time to carry your own!

Changing pod next.  This come with a changing mat that folds down easily & small too – tick!  I have shorts, pants & sox for Lil H a vest, t-shirt, leggings & sox for Baby G.  Two nappies, a packet of wipes and nappy bags.  Sounds like a lot – wait til you see what  can get in the first aid pouch – brace yourselves …

Calpol sachets x 2, infant nurofen sachets x 2, plasters x loads, teetha sachets x 3, antispectic wipes x 3, anthisan cream x 1 tube for nettle stings & insect misdemeanors, chocolate buttons x 1 packet and haribo x 1 packet because the truth is there is rarely much wrong! 

So you’ve met the bag and the pods, there is a also a key strap and section for your phone, purse, camera and because everything has its place, places which are labelled too (see the cross in the first aid photo) everything gets found easily.  It also makes the bag easy to pass from person to person – I use it, my mum uses it, my nanny uses it, Mr L uses it – its the kids bag and goes with them. 

If I’d have know how much I’d have used my changing bag when I first had H I’d have spent more, its a more structured bag than I chose but I then struggled to find anything because there were no where near enough compartments, you can tell this is designed by a mum for mums.

  • We love the changing & feeding pods.
  • We especially love that it can be a mini rucksack.
  • We really the versatility of its straps to hang on different pushchairs.

The leather Coromandel Pacapod costs £175 but it is looking better and better with each use and fabric Pacapods start at £65.  You can also buy a feeder, changer or toy pod separately from £19.95. 

Check out their website here http://www.pacapod.com/shop/ and join their Facebook page here

So changing bags – what are you carrying?  Come on over and share your thoughts.