We all agree it would be nice if money grew on trees, don’t we?

To celebrate their new Orange juice the funky peeps over at Innocent Drinks have created a magic tree on their website. Give it a shake, it’s dropping prizes and some lucky soul is going to win Β£1000, others Innocent hampers and free juice.

Head over to http://juice.innocentdrinks.co.uk/ to shake the tree – you can login with Facebook and share the Magic with your friends. Just so you know the Magic tree needs flash to shake and some of the prizes you need to print off to redeem so put the iPads, iPhones etc to one side, head to a ‘puter and make sure your printer is working before you start shaking the tree.

The lovely Innocent gang sent me two vouchers for their new orange juice, two bottles of which are now residing in my fridge, a bottle with bits and a bottle without – I will be tasting with and without Vodka for a thorough review! Yes, indeed, it’s been one of those weeks!