Lil H’s first term at school went quickly, a big adjustment for us all but one he took in his stride and going to school is something he enjoys and looks forward to. Last term he covered off all the phonics, blending, reading and writing words through to full sentences. I can’t help but be constantly amazed by the speed with which the 4 year old mind progresses.

Now we he has a reading book coming home from school and we are practising “sight words” words that you can’t phonetically sound out and he has to recognise by sight – I, is, the, you, of, no, said, have etc.

We support all his school work at home daily and we are using flash cards are part of our daily routine.  Its hard finding the right time leaving the house at 8:30am, getting home from school at 3:45pm and bathtime around 6pm there’s not much time alone let alone trying do things when Lil H isn’t just too tired / not in the mood.  We read Lil H’s reading book after tea but do most work in the morning around breakfast.  Whilst I’m getting breakfast ready.  I run through the flash cards and we have a “word of the day” which I stick on the kitchen door at Lil H’s eye line and he has to look at it and say the word everytime he goes past it, once he knows the word it goes on the fridge.  As I am making the packed lunches Lil H writes some basic sentences or practices writing numbers and then its time to get dressed and get out the door.

I’m not a teacher, so I’m interested in what other parents do, what works or has worked in your family?  Its always great to try new and different ways to make learning fun.  Please share your experience, tips and if you’ve written a post I’d love to read it please share the link.  How do you roll with reading and homework at reception and foundation level?