Its been a while since a posted an entry for The Gallery, life with a toddler at my ankles, a baby on my hip, some lovely clients on the phone / email and an non-self-cleaning-house keeping me busy.  The prompt this week is Motherhood its a big topic and one which I have been umming & ahhing about.  I have some lovely ones of me with the children, few with both of them (note to self must get more taken!) 

Tonight I put Baby G down to bed, she’s not 100% bless her, she has two bottom teeth through and her top two teeth are on their way.  She’s off her food and not really having much milk either, waking a few times in the night red cheeked, bothered and just wanting to be held.  I put her down and was listening to her settle down, could hear her sucking on her thumb with the occasional “wah”, I was watching the baby monitor and there before me was my entry to this weeks Gallery. 

I give you my Motherhood toolkit as located on my bedside cabinet!

From left to right:  Baby, Toddler & Child “manuals” (oh if only!) x 6, digital ear thermometer, Anbesol teething liquid, Gripe Water, Infant Medicine Syringe, Calpol, Infant Neurofen and a Baby Monitor.  

I have to confess I was shocked as to how dirty my bedside was, so before I took the photo I did wipe it over – with a baby wipe of course they are for every possible purpose!   I’m not sure how I managed without them before I had children.