The Gallery has joined forces with the Writing Workshop which I have to confess scares the bejesus out of me.  You see I’m not a writer, I don’t really regard myself as a blogger even, by profession I am a marketer, by choice I am a mum and by financial necessity I combine the two. 

This weeks prompt is EMOTIONS so here goes … let me just pop back and check the instructions at Josie’s place, right OK, good to go, ahem … Love & Happiness

Just before I go to bed, I have a few indulgent minutes of love and happiness.  I watch my babies sleeping.  I listen to their breathing, their soft snuffles and sighs.  I stroke their hair, I hold their hand.  I return legs and arms to beneath covers.  One last goodnight kiss and a request to the angels to keep them safe until morning.  Sweet dreams.

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