This prompt for week 16 of The Gallery over at Tara’s Sticky Fingers blog, the prompt is Creatures

My first thought was my own little creatures, Lil H and Baby G but it always is!  I have been having and discarding ideas since the prompt was annouced on Friday.  About 30 minutes ago inspiration struck!  Lil’ H has a letter of the week at pre-school and he takes something starting with that letter for each of his three mornings a week.  We also carry the letter of the week on at home so even if he’s home with me we write the letter on the blackboard and talk about the sound and things that begin with that letter.  He’s only just three years old just wondering as I type this if I am being supportive or pushy?!

Anyway Lil’ H’s letter of the week is the letter C, that’s curly cuh, not kicking cuh to be clear!  To support this weeks letter of the week I have collected the following menagerie: 

C is for Creatures

We have a Crab, Caterpillar, Camel, Cow, Crocodile and Coconut – ok I know a Coconut isn’t a creature but it is amongst our things that begin with the letter C and no one else took a Coconut into pre-school!

The weeks Gallery post is brought to you by the letter C for Creatures, for more wonderful enteries check out the fabulous entries here