I had a request last week from lovely mum of three, Baby Rambles, to empty my bag and share its contents.Β 

Baby Rambles’s bag challenge is as follows: empty out your bag and select some things you found in it. The more obscure or embarrassing the better. You can list them or take a photo. Or you can take a photo of the entire contents if you like. Be honest, no editing of bag contents.

I am off to Centre Parcs in less than 48 hours so a handbag empty out and changeover is require but time being limited decided to enlist Mr L with the video camera, pre-holiday recharge so here for your delight is my first (possibly last depending on the comments!) Vlog!Β 

Please note this post is NOT in anyway sponsored by anyone although having just watched it back I do manage to name drop Mulberry, Sainsbury’s, Cosatto, Moo cards, Ella’s Fruit Squeezies & Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream!

So does your handbag, or manbag, need a clear out?!Β  Come on let’s see what you’re carrying around with you!

*Updated 28th April 2010* Emma over atΒ Mummy Musings also tagged me for this – thank you and gave me the lovely Sunshine award you see on my sidebar – thank you lovely x