As you know I’ve been off galavanting, we returned a couple of weeks ago from a week of sunshine in Egypt and it was great (more details and some snaps to follow!)  I took with me a few items to test and review one of which was the SnoozeShade a product designed by a mum for mums.  So it was duly packed and put to the test and here’s what I thought thinking…

We spent many days and evenings when now almost 3 Lil’ H was a baby draping a muslin over his pram and pushchair to cut out light and distractions so I was really keen to try out the SnoozeShade as a “proper solution” with my second baby.  I wanted it especially for our trip to Egypt on holiday where I knew there would be lots of distractions not to mention sunshine & UV to protect Baby G from.  Baby G was 5 months old when we first used this in March 2010. 

The SnoozeShade packs up really small and light which is great when travelling but also on a day to day basis its taking up hardly any valuable shopping space.  Its also very versatile, like many mums & especially those with more than one child I push more than pushchair.  I have now used this on my Bugaboo in pram/carrycot and also as a pushchair, Maclaren Techno XT and Cosatto You 2 double pushchair (covering one half). 

On holiday it was an absolute essential and on return my SnoozeShade goes everywhere with me living in my nappy bag and has become a staple part of my life back in the UK.  The SnoozeShade cuts out stimulation ensuring my daughter sleeps well amongst the noisy crazy world she lives in with a noisy older brother at playgroups, playdates etc.  On holiday temperatures were 25-33 degrees we would always make sure she was in the shade anyway but she was never too warm, the light breeze flowed through as a result she slept well during the day, fed well, was a happy baby and slept great of an evening in restaurants and mini discos at night. We always used sun protection cream & with the snooze shade too she is as pale as when she left the UK! Another unexpected bonus was it protected her very well from insect bites & whilst the rest of the family were collecting them Baby G had very few. 

It was somewhat dusty and dirty from a week away, I have machine washed it no problem.  I’m giving it a big thumbs up and at £19.99 it represents great value for money.

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