I now have more pushchairs than children – FACT!  
I have a ratio of 2:1 pushchairs to children – FACT! 
Why?  Well let me explain my pushchair timeline and driving credentials: 

  • 2007 “my first pram” Bugaboo Chameleon (in sand & charcoal!)
  • 2007 Grandma pushchair needed, Bugaboo too tricky, Maclaren Techno XT purchased
  • 2008 Grandma’s new car & Maclaren doesn’t fit!  Enter the Thomas the Tank Engine lightweight stroller
  • 2009 Baby G arrives as does a Lascal Buggy Board for Bugaboo & SnugBaby carrier
  • 2010 holiday to Egypt  – bar buggy required – Cosatto You2 Twin Pushchair

Lil’ H was pretty much exactly 2.5 years old when Baby G arrived, my out and about pushchair plan with two had been:

  1. Baby in pram, toddler on buggy board
  2. Baby in carrier, toddler in pushchair
  3. Baby in pram, toddler in pushchair and Mr/Grandparent! 

Option 3 is clearly the preferred option at all times!  Our first few Wintery months with a toddler and baby at the end of last year and we were getting along ok with this, then we decided to go for our first family trip abroad and booked to go to Egypt.  Mmm so how are we going to manage a toddler and a baby overseas in a hotel, so they can both sleep whilst we drink soak up the local life during an evening?! 

So with the holiday splashed out for I had kind of overlooked the whole buggy thing, budget allocation a big fat zero, then I spied @cosatto_tweets asking for blog reviewers for their products and I was on the keyboard in a flash and just before I jetted off received a Cosatto You2 Twin Pushchair to review – I fondly refer to it as my “bar buggy” because  it allowed me to enjoy some fun time, some me time as Mr could take them both out and some quiet time as both my babies slept comfortably!  Babies and toddlers alike had a great time in it … here’s Baby G on the right with her bessie mate Little Miss S, altogether now awwwwww!

OK so here are the facts … 

  • The Cosatto You 2 Twin stroller is an umbrella fold side by side pushchair
  • Suitable from birth and Lil’ H is now 3 years old & he still comfortably still in it!
  • Hoods are independent of each other
  • Seats recline to multiple positions independently
  • All the accessories are included – cosy toes, head huggers, chest pads, insulated bottle carriers, rain cover etc.
  • There is a 4 year guarantee!  REPEAT!  There is a 4 year guarantee! 

So there are the facts and here’s my experience and thoughts on the pushchair

  • It looks GREAT – seriously GREAT – the biggest challenge is which funky design to choose – I went for eenie meenie although it was a toss up with Snap and the new Bro & Sis Too with its ditsy print is just gorgeous
  • I have a personal issue with handles on pushchairs, my Maclaren gives me blisters, the You 2 has lovely soft foam covered – ticking the box for Mrs Lancaster’s soft & kind hand policy! 
  • The rain cover is the best ever – it covers the children and any items, like your handbag you have hanging on the back – although to be fair the under seat baskets are really big I’m just a travel heavy kind of girl!  Here’s a pic of the rain cover in action when we got caught in a hail storm!

  • It’s a smooth push and a smooth ride.  Both baby and toddler were more than comfortable and slept well in it
  • It’s tough!  Six pushchair’s were put on our flight, four came off damaged and pretty severely damaged including a wheel snapped off the double buggy of our pals.  The Cosatto You 2 Twin stroller was a bit dusty.  That. Is. All! 
  • It managed the weight difference between my toddler & baby no issue at all
  • The mechanism to extend the leg rest was super easy compared to others, squeeze & lift – loved this!
  • For a double buggy we felt it was light and easy to put and down
  • The cosy toes are cosy and a bit too cosy to zip up on H but in fairness he is right at the top of the age for use and the designs make up for that in cuteness.

But don’t just take my word for it I asked Lil’ H for his view:

Me:  Do you like your new buggy?
H:  Yes, can we go to the park?
Me:  No, not now, later.  What do you like about your new buggy?
H:  Its really comfy and … and … and … I can hold bash Baby G’s hand and … and … and… bash her!

If you’re looking for a double pushchair I’d certainly recommend the You 2.  Cosatto have a full range of pushchairs, Karin from Cafe Bebe has reviewed the i-Spin which I love because you can turn a full 360 with one hand with a latte or mobile in the other – FACT!  Cosatto have a full range of nursery furniture, high chairs (the Yumi is in Baby G’s future!) and other nursery equipment, the 40 Winks travel cot is possibly the best sized travel cot I’ve seen, H had outgrown his at 2 years old but could still sleep in this one at 3 years old in my opinion. 

P.s.  It all started with a tweet … since then I have developed a great relationship with the team at Cosatto following this product trial.  In the spirit of open, honest blogging I want you to know that I am now working with Cosatto on the new Cosatto blog (check it out!) and other fab products and initiatives coming soon!