If you have always had an urge to pack up your stuff and move to a new part of the country, there can be some debate with yourself about where you’d like to relocate to. The West Midlands is a strong candidate and well worth your consideration.

This area of the UK has a lot going for it. Many people choose to plant roots here out of love for the area or for practical necessity. Either way, you’d soon learn to appreciate that you could call the West Midlands home.

What are the main reasons to consider living in this region? How easy is it to make progress when there’s so much nationwide drama around housing, to begin with? Read on after the jump.

It’s Affordable

There’s a lot of concern among many people that they’ll never be able to afford a property. It can seem hopeless, especially when rent prices keep increasing.

Considering there’s a cost of living crisis underway as well, it can be helpful to know that there are affordable housing options in the West Midlands to consider. That knowledge alone can give you plenty of hope that you can get on the housing ladder and start building your financial future more sustainably.

Remember, no contract says you must stay in the West Midlands indefinitely, even though you’d be lucky to do so. If you just want to get a foothold on the housing ladder, work remotely or nearby, and one day move onto pastures new, then that’s a valid approach too.

Top Tier Home Survey Help

When you move house, it can feel like there is a lot of uncertainty. A home survey can remove much anxiety, but only if you’re working with a competent service.

GB Home Surveys provide a fast and affordable service in 11 locations across the UK. Consult them if you’re moving to the West Midlands because they know much about the housing market’s stability there and can counsel you accordingly. They’ll ensure the price is right and can give you an in-depth understanding of the condition your favoured property is in following a RICS home survey assessment.

Not only are properties more affordable in the West Midlands, but the process of authenticating the purchase is much more cost effective and efficient too. These services also tailor all of their reports to your requirements, providing personalised service. The stars will soon align if you concentrate your search in the area.

Commuter Friendly

The West Midlands is almost somewhat central on the little island of Great Britain. You can get anywhere from here.

Moreover, the area has major transport networks running through it. The A38 is the second longest road in Britain and winds its way through, starting in Mansfield and heading to Cornwall. Furthermore, you’re never too far from a train station. You can be in London from Staffordshire in an hour or so. It’s easy to stay connected with all the towns and cities in the West Midlands and beyond.

Of course, this can be a comforting thought if you feel you’ll miss friends and family after the move. You can be back with them again in a few hours and with minimum disruption instead of enduring long and gruelling slogs on the commute.