Being a one-vehicle family might not sound appealing to some people. Car lovers, in particular, might have something to say!

There are some situations where being a one-vehicle family isn’t practical, but for families that can be a bit more flexible and make it work, there are plenty of incentives for doing so.

Here are some of the perks of being a one-vehicle family.

Quick Money

Selling second and third cars is no longer a dreary process. It can be incredibly quick with your funds deposited into your bank account in no time at all.

Helpful businesses like can help you sell your cars with minimal fuss. Just follow their easy three-step process:

  • Input your registration number
  • Receive a valuation guaranteed for seven days
  • Once you accept, they collect your car from you

The price offered is accurately based on market prices and funds can be deposited into your account in a few minutes. Consequently, an immediate sale is a viable solution if your family isn’t using its extra cars and needs a quick cash boost.

Less Anxiety

Vehicles can be a lot to manage. After all, they’re one of the biggest expenses you’ll ever have in your life – which carries its fair share of anxiety.

It’s true that some car models generate more interest from potential thieves than others, but nobody has immunity from car thieves. Moreover, some criminals will even break into the car owner’s home to retrieve the vehicle’s keys, which can put them in direct physical danger.

The potential of theft isn’t the only anxiety-inducing aspect of owning multiple cars. Rising fuel prices, endless maintenance requirements, and lacking storage space if the car is kept in the garage, can all start to add up and cause numerous headaches. In some circumstances, it may be best to reduce the number of cars you own and stick to one.

People can often underestimate how much busy work is involved in having multiple cars. Cleaning, MOTs, and budgeting can all become a lot to manage. Reducing the number of cars you own may simply free up your mind and time for other things.

Enjoying Alternative Modes of Travel

Many people don’t switch to one car instead of two because of schedules. It’s understandable to a degree, as everyone has places to be.

That being said, it could be a good idea to open your mind to travelling by train, bus, or other modes of public transport. You could chat with fellow passengers, get lost in a good book, chill out to some music or an audiobook, see parts of your area that you’ve never seen, or even get some work done during your commute.

Walking and cycling to your destination will have their share of benefits too. Fresh air and exercise are chief among them, benefitting your emotional and mental well-being in numerous ways. New hobbies can be learned from here, giving you a new lease on life daily.

Helping the Environment

Everybody knows that vehicles create a lot of air pollution, cause roadkill, and contribute to rising global temperatures. If you were to only drive one car instead of two, it would make a significant positive environmental difference.

Perhaps nobody should be forced or guilt-tripped into having one car for the environment’s sake. The Green Party recently came under fire for suggesting that having two cars was unacceptable, even though it’s undeniable that the benefits would speak for themselves.

It’s worth remembering how the environment affects us all. If you care deeply about the environment, switching to one car, when feasible, can reassure you that you’ve done your part to help.

Constant Compromise

Having one car means that you and your spouse are going to have to work out a system of compromise. On what date does one of you need the vehicle most? Is there any room for flexibility in your schedules?

To complacent individuals, this can seem like extra admin that isn’t worth the extra effort. Ultimately, making the best of things is one of the secrets behind a good family life, and having one vehicle can encourage that mindset.


In the end, sometimes having one car isn’t a hindrance you expect it to be, but an opportunity to be more mobile than ever before. A real sense of achievement can also be found in making it work, saving money, and simplifying your lifestyle. There are some situations where it might not be feasible, but if it is, it’s definitely worth considering!