The bathroom is one of the most common spaces for homeowners to remodel. It’s no secret that it can show wear and tear faster than other spaces in the home, and it’s also nice to create the kind of space that is not only functional but looks modern, stylish, sleek, and relaxing. If this is the look that you’re going for, here are some unique and practical features that you may want to add to your design plan.

Invest in a New Vanity

In terms of furniture for the bathroom, it’s all about the vanity. There’s no need to use something basic and boring; a vanity can add an area of interest and beauty in the space. Think of it as a piece of furniture and décor, not just a functional item.

A Mirror with Personality

Every bathroom needs a mirror and this gives you another chance to really add a unique feature in the space. In most cases you’ll want to go as big as the space allows, but that’s really the only rule when it comes to the bathroom mirror.

You can find mirrors that look traditional, modern and clean, or even ornate and eye-catching. Typically, you’ll be choosing between a mirror that has a frame or that doesn’t have a frame, as they create a very different vibe from one another.

Consider Adding Mobility-Friendly Accessories

You may also want to consider adding mobility-friendly accessories to your bathroom remodel plan. While these may not add to the décor, they certainly won’t detract from it and they add a large amount of functionality and safety to the space.

Some of the most common mobility-friendly accessories include grab bars in the shower and next to the toilet, toilets that are taller, a detachable shower head, and even a walk-in bathtub so there is no need to step over the side. You can visit for more ideas.

Mobility-friendly accessories are obviously important for anyone with a disability, but they can even be useful for seniors who just want that peace of mind that the bathroom has safety features built in.

Bathroom Lighting Ticks Off Both Boxes

As for the bathroom lighting, this ticks off both boxes as it serves a functional purpose and can also add to the overall design and look of the space. Again, there’s no need to settle for the typical bathroom light fixture, as you can really get as creative as you like. Just keep in mind that you want the space to be well lit, so it needs to satisfy that need.

Plush Beautiful Towels Are a Must

Finally, any bathroom remodel warrants brand-new plush towels. These can act as a pop of colour in the space if you like, or you can stick to a neutral palette. Not only will they look lovely, but they will feel sumptuous against your skin.

By using these design tips, you’ll be able to create a bathroom that is truly welcoming and relaxing, yet is able to function as needed.