The pandemic has been around for a long while, and while progress is being made, it looks like turning our homes into a haven is a trend that will see us through into at least summer 2021. While it is not exactly the plans, we had for this year, if we are lucky enough to have a bathroom to decorate and well enough to decorate it, let us call that a win.

Bathrooms have now taken on an entirely new meaning since we have been confined to our homes. No longer are they the place we go to spruce up our hygiene, but they are now a safe space from the childrenโ€™s endless questions and a corner of peace for those who really need to relax.

So, with this in mind, let us take a look at the bathroom trends for this year, which will guarantee it becomes the favourite room in your house.

Home Spa Vibes

It will be hardly a surprise that many of us will want to make some luxurious changes to the bathroom this year, considering the circumstances. While the spas are all closed, you might be wondering where we can get your latest pampering from, which is where this self-care trend comes in. For the lower end of costs, products such as scented candles, cosy new towels, or bathrobes can add that luxurious touch, but for those who want a mega rehaul, there are tons of different bathroom styles and designs that are sleek and stunning โ€“ including extras such as sauna rooms or jacuzzi baths. If you have your dream bathroom in mind, then check out the Bedfordshire bathroom company and create your perfect bespoke bathroom.

Luxury Lighting

It can be quite surprising what lighting can do to a space and the enhancements it can make, and this year it looks like statement lighting is going to be the next best thing in interior design. It makes sense. Many of us have to stay indoors all day and are not getting a ton of light during the winter, which has probably made us want to feel a bit more special than we do sitting under our bathroom strip light, especially when we are trying to relax in the bath. Large statement lights will give you enough light coverage around the bathroom while being moveable, and of course, looking stylish.

Trend Mix-ups

Long gone are the days where not sticking to one style was a fashion faux pas. We are now at a time in our lives where mixing up classic, modern, quirky or temporary designs is more of a style icon move than something to avoid. So, feel free to keep your minimalist style when it comes to ornaments or bathroom furniture, but if you are feeling a super bold print on the wall โ€“ have both! Or go for the opposite, and focus on crisp white walls but bold accessories and statement pieces that you can swap out when you want a different change without having to change anything fundamental!