Now that attractions across the country are starting to reopen, you may be considering where to take the whole family for a day out. Family day trips feel like a breath of fresh air from the monotony of daily life, and a visit to a historic home like Adlington Hall might be just what you need after being cooped up throughout the spring and early summer. Here are some inspiring ideas for visiting historic houses and gardens as they reopen.

Go on a Family Group Tour

One of the best reasons to visit a historic home is that they are the perfect location to take large family groups or to host a family gathering. Homes like Adlington Hall offer tours for groups of over 20 people, meaning that they provide the perfect venue to get all of the family together to enjoy the grounds and reconnect. Not only this, but Adlington Hall also organises events to mark life celebrations, where you can come together and simply have fun together.

Bring History to Life

One of the main benefits of visiting historic homes with your family is that they provide an excellent opportunity to bring history to life for your kids. When your kids read about history in a textbook, the past can seem extremely remote, and even fantasy-like. However, taking them to a historic house can help liven history up and bring the past life. This might even spark a lifelong passion for history in a way that no schoolroom lesson ever could. Most historic homes also hold annual events and demonstrations where kids can participate in activities that help them to imagine what life used to be like.

Teach the Kids

If your kids are showing a resolute disinterest in history and the past, then visiting a historic house can be an excellent way to boost their grades and help them to learn in an immersive environment. Not only this, but many children will not even notice that they are learning when they are spending time at a historic house, which could help change their view on the subject.

Family Bonding Time

It can be difficult to spend quality time with your family in your normal surroundings, where dirty plates and messy rooms can spark arguments. However, visiting a historic house and its gardens can give your family a chance to let off steam and to make memories that you will remember for a long time in the future.

They Are Fun for All The Family

Historic homes, unlike theme parks or zoos, cast a wider net in terms of providing fun for adults as well as for children. While kids can enjoy activities such as exploring the maze and participating in child-friendly events, adults can spend time relaxing in a tea room or soaking in the restorative natural environment in the luscious grounds that most historic properties have.

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