If you use your outside space a significant amount, especially during the warmer months, then you’ll undoubtedly want the most practical space possible. Whether you’re an individual, a couple or a large family, having an outside haven to retire to which fulfils all your needs can be a huge plus for any homemaking, which is why it’s always important to get it right – and here’s how.

Invest in Functional Furniture

Whilst being exposed to the elements, your garden furniture needs to be easy to maintain. Rattan garden furniture is a great choice because it’s easy to clean and lightweight to store, as opposed to heavy wooden furniture. When choosing garden furniture, consider what you will be using it for, and who will be using it – for instance, will the furniture be exposed mainly to young children climbing and sitting on it, or is it more to provide a comfortable retreat for a couple? Certain furniture may look more attractive than others, but in the long run your investment should be more about function and comfort.

Consider Your Storage Options

When designing their perfect garden, a lot of people forget about the huge amount of storage potential large outside spaces have to offer. If your house is overflowing with clutter, or you simply need an extra room or designated storage spot, consider garden buildings such as sheds or garages which may provide the extra storage you need, without compromising on the space inside your home.

Install Solar-Powered Lights

To make the most out of your garden and have a truly functional space, you need to make sure that your garden is prepared for the dark evenings, too. If you plan to use your garden during summer nights, or perhaps still want to see your hard work lit up through the window when seated indoors, then appropriate lighting is a great investment.

Solar powered lights mean you install an eco-friendly option which won’t cost anything extra with your electricity bills. Proper lighting also means that your outside space is safe to navigate in the dark and eliminates risks of trips and falls, should you be coming home late or remember before you head to bed that you forgot to put the wheelie bin out!

Switch Your Lawn for Paving Stone or Decking

In terms of practicality, paving or hardwood decking is more durable and easy to manage compared to grass. That isn’t to say that you can’t still enjoy a patch of lawn in your garden, but for the area of your space which sees most activity, such as the seating area, decking may be a preferred choice to withstand the constant footsteps and movement. This is also good if there has been heavy rain and your lawn may still be damp, therefore avoiding muddy footprints.

Contemplate Tall Fencing

Having an adequate border around your garden which offers optimum security and privacy means that you will feel more relaxed and comfortable spending time in your outside space, without the need to worry about neighbours or passers-by being able to interrupt your well-earned down time.

Maximising Your Garden Space: 4 Top Tips