The living room is one of the most loved rooms in our homes. It’s a space we share to entertain friends and family at the weekend and where we spend our evenings relaxing. The lounge hosts all types and varieties of events, so keeping every inch of it looking its best is essential. Did you consider what a difference your windows make? The perfect window treatment makes all the difference to your living room, and chosen carefully, shutters are the ideal choice to spruce up your lounge windows.


Living rooms are usually located at the front of our homes, which if you live on a busy street reduces your privacy levels. Just like bathrooms and bedrooms, you want to keep your living room’s interior hidden from outside eyes. Whether you’ve got nosy neighbours, or regularly have people walking past your house in the city, you can control your privacy. Though all shutter styles are great for privacy, café style shutters, in particular, are designed with privacy in mind, as they cover the bottom half of your window, making them easily the best choice for blocking out prying eyes.

Even better, shutters aren’t the unwelcoming type of privacy either. They look elegant and will be admired by people walking past your property.

window shutters outside


Does your living room get a lot of sunlight? Natural light is heavenly, it brightens up the room and helps you cut back on electricity usage. With shutters, when open the solid panels let in all the light, naturally creating a spacious feel to your living room. Alternatively, slatted styles, like tier on tier shutters, are also a great choice, you can have the bottom tier slats closed and the top tier wide open, and enjoy the sunlight flooding the room.


Just like natural light, fresh air makes a living room feel light and airy. A lounge can easily get stuffy, and sometimes it can put you off spending any time in there – it’s time to fix that! Louvred shutter styles allow air to flow through and your all-important privacy is not sacrificed. Full-height shutters on living room bay windows are a match made in heaven, adjust the slats to let in as much or as little light and air as you like.

traditional house window shutters


There’s no point denying it, shutters look lovely. No matter the colour or style, they are the most attractive type of window treatment. What’s most appealing about them, is their versatile nature in decoration; they can serve as an attractive feature in any interior décor scheme.

Your personality, style, and taste, is reflected by your choice of home décor, with the window dressings being an important element when considering room design. If you like to spend a lot of time in your living room, then it’s fundamental you feel comfortable and like the interior feel. Choose a colour that best suits your style, a neutral white that fits in nicely with your furniture, or go wild and find a rich and vibrant shade that really blossoms amongst your current décor.